How it Works


Backup Your Old Phone

Our internal team wipes each phone before shipping them overseas, though you should make sure there isn’t anything you need on it before dropping it off. Be sure to backup any photos or content you’d like to keep.


Drop off Your Phone

Simply head over to the drop off location located at Massive Media (234 Abbott Street) in downtown Vancouver.

Note: Business hours are between 9-5pm.

Alternatively, you can ship it directly to us at 234 Abbott St, V6B 2k8, Vancouver BC, Canada.


Empower Independent Journalist in the DRC

Once submitted, our team of technicians will wipe the phone clean, ensure it’s not tied to a provider, and send it overseas to one of Bunia Actualite’s independent journalists.

Your old phone will then be used to document news happening on the ground in remote areas of the DRC.